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Join us: Young TI - Whistleblowing: Obstacles, Risks and Opportunities

Date : 26/04/2016

Our mission is to stop corruption and promote transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels and across all sectors of society.

Our vision is that young people must not wait for the current leaders and managers to act but must be proactive and advocate change.

Young TI meetings take place every last Tuesday of the month from 6:30 to 8:30 pm when an interesting speaker is invited to discuss a topic closely related to our mission, followed by a drink and a snack.

Furthermore we discuss publications, research projects and other activities from Transparency International as well as developments in society.

Next meeting: Tuesday 26 April 2016 - "Whistleblowing, an effective method to fight corruption. What are the obstacles, risks and opportunities?"

One of the most direct methods of shedding light on corruption is through whistleblowing. Unfortunately, whistle-blowers commonly face retaliation in the form of harassment, firing, blacklisting, threats and even physical violence, and their disclosures are routinely ignored.  Our speakers for this Young TI evening will demonstrate based on national and international cases, why this topic is so important and what legal and ethical obstacles, risks and opportunities we are facing.

We are very pleased to introduce our speakers:

Anne Scheltema Beduin, General Director TI The Netherlands & Associate Professor Human Rights, University of Amsterdam

Gudrun Vande Walle PhD, Integrity Centre at Belgian Federal Ombudsman, Certified Fraud Examiner - Registered Fraud Auditor

Wim Vandekerckhove PhD, Principal Lecturer, University of Greenwich, Business School



Your friends are welcome too. Please do bear in mind that seats are limited and registration is for free but mandatory!